Integration Coaching

 Ground the benefits of your Sacred Medicine Journey in your every day life.

Realize the full potential of your journeys and continue the transformation beyond the psychedelic experience through Integration Coaching


Whether you have had a blissful or challenging journey integration coaching can help you to continue to unravel your deeper truths and integrate them into your daily life in a way that keeps you grounded, present, and open. Medicine work gives us a number of gifts during the experience and it is up to us to use them to transform our lives and the world around us. 

Integration coaching can help you to: 

  • Make sense of confusing elements of your journey
  • Resolve challenging experiences and uncover the hidden lessons 
  • Develop action steps to bring what you have learned into your daily life
  • Remove obstacles that may appear on your path to integration
  • Heal traumatic memories that may be associated with difficult journeys 
  • Develop inner strategies to more elegantly navigate your medicine journeys 
  • And explore other areas important to you about your experience 

You do not need to journey with us to benefit from our integration coaching. 


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Carlos and Jess each have over 12 years of professional coaching and hypnotherapy experience. They are recognized as leaders in the field. They integrate a number of modalities into their coaching practices including hypnotherapy, NLP, EFT, Family Constellations, and esoteric healing practices. 

Carlos Casados 

Owner and Operator of Hypnotherapy Breakthrough

Jess Marion

Partner at The Intelligent Hypnotist in New York City

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