What Makes Sacred Medicine Journeys


Sacred Medicines 

While most retreats are currently offering Ayahuasca ceremonies we have taken a different path. Carlos and Jess' preferred medicine is Psilocybin Mushrooms. Mushrooms offer a gentler entry into the psychedelic space compared to Ayahuasca while still delivering the same life transforming benefits. Mushrooms also do not require any specialized diet. We do suggest a light, healthy meal and brief fast on ceremony days. 

Other medicines may be offered in ceremony including Huachuma (San Pedro Cactus), MDMA, and LSD depending on availability and legal status at retreat locations. 

Retreat Size

As psychedelic retreats grow in popularity ceremony sizes continue to expand. It is not uncommon for retreats to involve 20+ participants. 

It is important to us that we connect deeply with each participant and that the group is able to form lasting bonds with each other. In a smaller community living setting no one gets left behind and everyone has the opportunity to consciously realize the magical qualities they bring to others' lives. 

Preparation and Integration 

Healing takes place in the relationship between you and the medicine. Sacred Medicines are not a panacea. Their ability to help us reshape our lives corresponds directly with the energy we bring into the relationship. This is why both preparation and integration sessions are a vital part of your overall success. 

Prior to your journey we will provide preparation sessions on Zoom during which we will explore intention settings, dissolve any concerns, and share strategies to help you get the most out of your experience. 

During your retreat you will begin the processing and integration phase with your group. Following the retreat, group integration sessions will be made available on Zoom for those who desire ongoing community support. 

Spiritual, Not Clinical

We take a spiritual approach to this work, not a clinical one. Your guides will be in the same mental space as you so we can more fully connect with where you are in the process. 

Sacred Medicines have been consumed by humans for as long as humans have walked the planet. Over the last several decades there has been a push toward medicalizing the experience. We feel that this detracts from the earthy, ancient, and magical qualities of the medicine experience. 

Sacred Medicines are some of the safest substances on Earth however it is up to participants to ensure they are sufficiently healthy enough to participate. 

Your Guides Have Real World Healing Experience

Some retreats hire guides who have had very few psychedelic journeys and virtually no experience in the healing professions. Your guides at SMJ are not only deeply acquainted with the psychedelic realm they have jointly 25 years of experience as professional, client-centered coaching. They work with individuals, groups, and companies daily to: release traumas, overcome emotional and behavioral blocks, achieve goals, and improve performance. 

Carlos and Jess have dedicated their adult lives to helping others succeed using a variety of modalities. 

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