"Heal Yourself With Beautiful Love And Remember You Are The Medicine"  

~Maria Sabina 

More Than One Medicine

Our retreats are a unique opportunity to explore more than one medicine. While other retreats focus exclusively on one sacred medicine we believe that should have the opportunity to build relationships with various medicines. Each sacred substance has a lesson to teach us and can offer a specialized healing. Experiencing multiple medicines connects you more fully with all parts of you and allows you to experience healing through multiple pathways. 

Some retreats focus on offering one medicine while others give you the chance to explore multiple medicines within the same retreat. These retreats are dependent on the local laws of the host country. 


Sacred mushrooms have been used around the world for tens of thousands of years to connect with the Divine, heal, improve wellbeing, and even to find lost objects and people. In modern times countless studies from leading universities have observed the healing power of this sacred substance. 

Psilocybin mushrooms are both a safe and powerful ally in your personal transformation. They are one of the primary medicines used at SMJ. 

Journeys last 4-8 hours. 

Lysergic Acid Diethylamide (LSD)

Since its synthesis from Ergot in the 1940s LSD has been a powerful ally in healing. Like Psilocybin it creates healings, helps people let go of addictions, can facilitate spiritual experiences, and is neuro-generative. LSD can connect you with cosmos while also being a source of inspiration and wellbeing in daily life. 

While LSD was made popular by the Hippies in the 60's it has been used for healing for much longer. It is the psychoactive ingredient in the ancient Greek "Kykeon" and is currently being studied for its role in helping people with neuro-degenerative diseases.  

 Journeys last 8-12 hours. 

Huachuma (San Pedro Cactus)

Huachuma has been used for centuries by the peoples of the Andes. Derived from the San Pedro cactus, Huachuma is similar to Peyote. It inspires sacred visions while helping to heal our minds and souls. 

Journeys last 8-14 hours. 




MDMA is a deeply embodied experience that allows you to connect with your emotions as well as to others at a level that is more profound than day to day life. This is a powerful medicine for processing and healing traumas as well as strengthening relationships. 

Journeys last 4-6 hours and may be used in conjunction with other medicines. 

Other Medicines

Medicine work can take on many forms and is not limited to psychedelic substances. Our retreats incorporate a number of other traditional medicines to ensure participants have truly healing journeys. These medicines may include Cacao, Tobacco, Sage, Palo Santo, and drumming.